Bulk SMS Provider                              

Wall System is the Bulk SMS provider in India, which is the ideal solution to simultaneously communicate with a large group of audience, for e.g. customers, employees or channel members. This mode of communication is the best to pass important messages like promotion, launches etc.

We Provide 2 Types of SMS in Our Bulk SMS Services:

1. Transactional SMS: contain text which communicates details about a
transaction, service, product, offer, that which has been solicited by a USER/Customer. These SMS goes from a unique 6 alpha character sender ID.

2. Promotional SMS: contain text which communicates about products, services, offers. All Bulk SMS are Promotional SMS .These SMS goes from a random Sender ID.

How it suits you :

  • For new product launches
  • New scheme promotions
  • Employee engagement
  • Advertising purpose
  • Sales lead generation

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Bulk SMS Services Providing all over India -

State : Maharashtra ,Gujarat , Rajasthan , Tamilnadu ,  Andrapradesh , Karnataka , Punjab .

City : Mumbai , Pune , Banglore , Delhi , Goa , Chennai , Kerala , Jaipur   Jodhpur Hyderabad , Kolkata .