About Us

Wall System Private Limited was established in the Spring of 2013 as a Computer Hardware Servicing and Maintenance Company. Earlier the Company was Operating under the Brand name of Wall System. We very quickly gained the reputation for being a Computer Company that meets its commitments to its customers and consistently achieves service levels beyond our customer’s expectation.

                                                                                  Our Vision

Total Computer Support and IT Solutions for SME, B2C, B2B and to continue serving our community based customers.

                                                                                  Our Purpose

Wall System’s belief in Pride, Service and Workmanship reflects our continued support and innovation in providing Customers with outstanding solutions for today and tomorrow.

                                                                                   Our Mission

  • We are passionate about listening to our customers, developing long term relationships of trust and providing innovative solutions and peace of mind through our strong belief in Pride, Service and Workmanship.
  • A measure of our success is evident in the loyalty and endorsements we receive.
  • We are committed to the growth and development of our team both on a personal and professional level, while providing an enjoyable and rewarding environment in which to excel.
  • We encourage open and honest communication with our customers, our team and our suppliers.
  • We endeavor to be pro-active in developing our relationships with suppliers and encouraging greater efficiencies through innovative systems.
  • We will always consider the interests of shareholders and the opportunities they  provide.

                                                                                   Who We Serve

Everyone! Including Government Departments, Corporate Businesses, Small-
Medium Businesses and of course people who own home computers.

                                                                                     What We Do

1.We Repair & Install All Types Of Desktop PC’s, Notebooks,
2.We Upgrade Computers
3.We Install & Configure Software
4.We Remove Viruses & Spyware
5.We Offer On-Site Service, including all types of Networking
6.We Provide a Total Solution To All Your IT Requirements
7.We also trade in Computer and Computer Peripheral